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    I created html5 canvas banner.

    Сreated in the project more than 100 masks, calculated the entire animation, verified each frame in detail.

    100500 times the animation was tested in the browser.

    Everything was great until I added the camera in project.

    During the export to OAM the program gave an error.

    I deleted the camera (contr z).

    In subsequent testing, i was found that all the mask animations had moved. All the masks of the project.

    I closed the project, the program. When open project again, saw that the masks remained shifted after adding the camera.

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    Sorry, by what I meant was that the fade bug only happens on some clips.

    And it didn't have the problem in the new project (with the same clips being edited).



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  • 04/05/19--06:04: Re: Files in the cloud only?
  • No, sorry. By design it's either having all files synced or none.

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    The first message is an error message:

    The second message is a warning:

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    I have a simple js script you can use.


    it runs thru all the layers in your photoshop file, if the layer is a text file

    it uses the content of the array.  It is far from perfect but it works.

    Save the script as yourfilename.js 
    and run it in photoshop

    #target photoshop;    //array of what ever you need - but as many items in the array as text layers in the photoshop file var itemsAry=['Spain','lardtub','100','grandma on fire', 'nutbag','null','1000000'];  var layers = app.activeDocument.layers;   for (var i =0; i<layers.length; i++) {        if (layers[i].kind == "LayerKind.TEXT") {                  layers[i].textItem.contents=itemsAry[i]     }  }

    js and photshop test file for download

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  • 04/05/19--06:05: Watch current edit online??
  • I'm currently working on a project in Premiere and I was wondering if there's any way that I could find a preview of it online.

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  • 04/05/19--06:06: Re: Illustrator pixelated
  • You could also turn off GPU Performance altogether. Click on the rockets hip in Illustrator's top menu bar for quick access to it.

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    Have you read the documentation in the SDK about Protected Mode, the restrictions that it enables and the administrator controls for adjusting it?

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    Hi cmgap, yes I have signed out and back in: issue still persist.

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    Because the one reviewing the picture does not know that you did create the artwork. Especially for assets like your's it may be necessary...

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    I hope you're wrong too... but thank you for trying to set expectations  :-)


    Here's hoping 

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    Since you don't perform maintenance on a Standby instance it will just keep accruing data and appending changes from the Primary.

    After you bring the Primary back up, a ton of stuff is going to synchronize and the Standby is going to grow significantly. What you need to do is run the cleanup() command from the JMX console to reduce the size of the Standby.


    See :

    Cold Standby Repository Maintenance



    How to Run AEM with TarMK Cold Standby

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  • 04/05/19--06:09: Asset warping
  • How to enable this function "Asset warping" after the new update? I don't found...


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    I'm running Mac OS. I was able to test the Script on a colleague's Mac and it worked as well.

    Seems to be something on my system's end.


    Thank's for tipp about GREP not working properly. I'll check if we need to downgrade.


    EDIT: I tested it on a colleague's system with the Update 14.0.2 -> Didnt work (Same result as my test)

    On another colleague's system thats running Indesign 14.0.1-> Worked as intended


    I'm heading to the uservoice forums to report the bug.


    EDIT 2: Here is the bug report in the uservoice forums:

    ScriptUI: Opening Dialog while dialog is open breaks InDesign – Adobe InDesign Feedback

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  • 04/05/19--06:10: Re: Knockout oddity
  • Aside from checking what it looks like without GPU Performance as has already been suggested, I would suggest checking that the "L" is a completely closed path. Try pulling on each of its points with the direct selection tool to make sure it doesn't have any "loose ends".

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    So is it not possible to embed a file with learning interactions in PowerPoint?

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    Can I get some case studies on impact of AAM on media campaigns? How does a DMP helps a brand which runs regular media campaigns on DSPs (like Google, Facebook etc.). My team is looking to study the returns a brand can get out of AAM.


    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have requested that movement of titles and other objects have a key-click movement with the arrow keys, but that will have to wait until the next version. Here's one work-around:
    1. Create a separate PRE project-file just for moving your titles.
    2. In that video, set up your movement pattern with the different text elements.
    3. Whenever you create a new video, first add the new text content to the 'text-title' save, and export it.

    4. Load it into your new project with the new content.


    If your videos are different lengths, this may not work too well, but even so, with a template set up, you can make adjustments for length. I use as similar template for titles and just re-use the template with different text content.

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    The two commands above are the same I think you need this one for CS5


    sudo mv "~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5ServiceManager" "~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5ServiceManager.bak"


    and this one for CS 5.5


    sudo mv "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5.5ServiceManager" "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5.5ServiceManager.bak"


    But this solution did not work for me on CS5.5

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    That would make sense. I was able to resolve the issue, sort of.

    I use a Displaylink D6000 to extend and drive my external monitors. By unplugging my MacBook from the D6000, and routing and HDMI connection to one of the external monitors, I was able to get XD working again without issue.

    When I reported this issue to Displaylink's technical support, their answer was about the most dismissive, arrogant and condescending response I've gotten from a tech support rep. In short, "it's not us, it's them". Compared to Adobe's answer that indicated they'd at least investigated it and were truly aware of the issue.

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    Here is the translation into Portuguese (with

    Aqui está a tradução para português com


    Olá, Richard,


    Não sei, se o entendo correctamente.

    Você quer saber como você pode salvar um arquivo do FrameMaker 2017 como um arquivo para o FrameMaker 2015?

    No FrameMaker 2017 você tem a opção de salvar como arquivo do FrameMaker 2015. Basta verificar os formatos de arquivo na caixa de diálogo Salvar como.

    Você também pode salvar como MIF (não MIF para 7.0!). Os arquivos MIF de versões superiores podem ser interpretados corretamente em versões mais antigas do FrameMaker. Elementos e atributos que não existiam na versão anterior serão ignorados.


    Melhores cumprimentos



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  • 04/05/19--06:09: Re: Re-create shapes
  • you need to use a few separate blends and experiment with it sent to distance...  (Edit: i also placed a few rings manually)



    thats what i did and a quick warp ...


    to get this relatively quickly.


    Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 15.06.51.jpg

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    Right now i'm able to stream the asset  via the url that is generated by scene7.

    Is there any configuration or a way to download the asset from the url that scene7 generates?

    Is that url only for steaming purpose or can it be used to download as well?




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  • 04/05/19--06:10: Image preview as corrupted
  • When I import CR2 files to Lightroom classic they appeared corrupted like the attached image but they are not corrupted on the file system and opened normally. This happens only on lightroom. Considering that the graphic processor is installed successfully. Can someone help ?

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  • 04/05/19--06:13: Re: anchor function
  • I just tested on another page (which is a SPA). It seems that you have to select a container that can include both your CTA and the anchor destination. They are far away from each other and I'm not able to select them all together on my test page...


    On the SPA, I managed to link a CTA to the anchor name. However, in QA, clicking the CTA took me to our homepage - the url shows


    any idea what I did wrong? Thank you very much!


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    When I went from FrameMaker 10 to FrameMaker 17, the majority of my file imports now have a thick black outline.  I searched the forums and was unable to find a solution. The only thing I can do at this point is delete the files and import them again.  This solution is fine however my manuals are very large so it will be very time consuming.  Any suggestions?



    Justine Dunn

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    When I created a new documents in Photoshop, the Print functions do not light up.

    When I try to import the document into Lightroom to print it, There is no preview of the new documents and Lightroom says the bit depth is not supported.

    What does that mean?

    How do I create / repair a Photoshop document so that it may be printed and/or imported into Lightroom?

    I never had this happen in the past...

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    It's Indesign 2019 and it has the latest update, when i open the program, go to open recent files, I click on one and it opens two files.

    having checked it several times it always seems to be the one next to it in the history. It was working fine until an upgrade a couple of months ago.

    Another problem that started at the same time is when I first open indesign and go to use the text tool, the program freezes for approximately one minute.

    The operating system is windows 10 downgraded to win7,

    Thanks for you help.

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    I have  a file with 70 artboards, each with a uniqe name.

    For example:




    but when I export the artboards many comes out as:





    And I wonder why there are lines added in the end of the filename.
    It's no catastrophy but still annoying. Anyone experienced the same?


    I just ran some updates to several adobe-apps just a few days ago, including Photoshop so it might just be a bug
    (Bridge's file asociations got messed up after the updates as well and opens literally every file in AfterEffects now if you don't specifically rightclick and select "Open with....").

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    Rellénalo de nuevo sin mas.

    El anterior quedará sin actividad de un tal Mengano que vive en Armenia.  

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    Hello all,


    I'm a little green to editing a pdf. What software version would you use to edit this document? It says to use livecycle designer but that doesn't appear to exist anymore....


    Dropbox - JOB BLANK.pdf


    Thanks for any advice!



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    What are the image’s Color Mode and bit depth? (Image > Mode > …)

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    tushart16 not sure about specific examples around media campaigns but we have a customer showcase page with Audience Manager customer stories that may help you - please see age=1


    Customer Showcase and Product Success Stories | Adobe

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    Can anybody help? 


    Can anybody help?  pop up toolbar with adjustments tools at the button in photoshop elements 15 has suddenly disappeared for all functions. Have tried to uninstall and reinstall on an old computer where it works but the problem is still there when reinstalled on original computer.

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    Thanks Arun

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    Thanks for the response and sorry for the 4 months of not following-up.


    The 'Large files' box is checked and I am up to date. The problem persists and I just uploaded an example file:

    Adobe Document Cloud


    When I open this file, I can navigate just fine until the last page displays. Once the last page displays, I get the spinning wheel and have to force quit (i've tried giving it up to 5 minutes and no change). I cannot export the file or anything.


    No problems with other large files, no matter the size, # of pages, pictures, etc. I feel it is generally confined to 'layout' files that display hundreds of small objects that were most likely created in AutoCAD and exported via PDF.

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    A través de un distribuidor local.


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    the terms "before" and "after" are misleading in this context, not following the logical cursor movement in that text. If you put a right-to-left mark before "Apple" (which is left of the "A"), you'll get the opposite of what you want. Actually the whole paragraph is RTL, just "Apple©" should appear LTR, and then the text should continue in RTL.


    In my experience just using the plain RTL/LTR markers doesn't work reliably in the context of latin text within arabic paragraphs. I've had best success when using the "left-to-right embedding" and the "previous/original writing direction" markers for that. To be precise:


    1. after the last arabic word, press the cursor button once to have the cursor directly left of the "A"
    2. enter the "left-to-right embedding" marker. This will change the order of all following text, but that doesn't matter yet.
    3. using the cursor button, step through the whole word "Apple©", until the cursor is just right of the "©"
    4. now enter the "original writing direction" marker (or a right-to-left marker for that matter)


    Now it should look as expected.



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    (Bridge's file asociations got messed up after the updates as well and opens literally every file in AfterEffects now if you don't specifically rightclick and select "Open with....").

    Have you tried changing the association for Photoshop Document in Bridge > Preferences > File Type Associations?

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    BobLevine  wrote


    What version of Windows 10? Current is 1809.

    I am running Windows 10 Pro, 1809 and it is up to date.

    I ran an update this morning and the InDesign icons are still missing.

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  • 04/05/19--06:24: Re: EPS DCS to CMYK
  • All I want is convert these files to cmyk to make my Illustrator stable and be able to do packages and other stuff.

    If the older EPS DCS format is indeed causing the instability, you could simply resave as Photoshop Format, which supports Spot Channels.


    The spot channels can either be output as spot plates or converted to process colors downstream, via Illustrator’s Print >Separations dialog, or Ink Manager in either InDesign or Acrobat.


    A PSD saved with 2 spot channels


    Screen Shot 4.png


    AI’s Print Separations with the spot channels set to process:


    Screen Shot 6.png



    Or saved as PDF/X-4 with the spots set to process using Acrobat‘s Ink Manager


    Screen Shot 7.png

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    Appreciate the kind words. If you are able to find time to try 10.14.5 please let us know if it works. If not I will report back to Apple ASAP.

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    Seems to be a Mac problem then. Please log a bug asap here:


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    colettes70730364  wrote


    How can I return it and chose another picture

    That's not possible, however, Sheena Kaul or twaritar3263062 can give you back the used image credit. Please allow them a some time to react.

    colettes70730364  wrote


    (...) how can I find out, if the vectors are good so that this doesn't happen again? If I download a trial theres only pixelbased versions.

    All entries to the stock database are checked quite extensively. So with new entries there should be no problem. However, there are a certain number of legacy files that do not meet the quality criteria of today in the database. Those files may pose problems. Best in such cases is either to contact customer care (Contact Customer Care) or to post here, so that Adobe can check and return the credits if appropriate.


    In your case, I can confirm your findings.

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    Please help to solve it in time. Thank you very much.

    Version 2019 OS Windows 10

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  • 04/05/19--06:26: Re: CSV import data into SQL
  •  wrote


    What I'm trying to figure out is, once I have the CSV file on the server, what's the best way to problematically read all of those records and insert them into the SQL database.

    The link I gave you shows you how. Look at the "bulk insert" example query. You can run that query from your ColdFusion code, you do not need to "read all those records" at all.

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    I have a form that has spots for first floor and second floor elevations for a house. Unfortunately not all of the houses have a second floor. Is there a way that I can prompt the user to ask if there is a second floor and if not have it place N/A in the box and if so have it add 9 feet to the first floor. The form is set up so everything is calculated off of the Highest adjacent grade and split between different boxes for the integer and decimal.


    the code for the first floor calculation is 


    var num = this.getField("HAG").value + this.getField("HAGdec").value/10 + 2;

    var strNum = util.printf("%0.1f",num);

    var aNum = strNum.split(".");



    event.value = aNum[0];

    this.getField("FirstFloordec").value = aNum[1];


    I'm assuming second floor would be


    var num = this.getField("HAG").value + this.getField("HAGdec").value/10 + 11;

    var strNum = util.printf("%0.1f",num);

    var aNum = strNum.split(".");



    event.value = aNum[0];

    this.getField("SecondFloordec").value = aNum[1];


    plus whatever is necessary for allowing the user to choose N/A

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    My company does have a developer license, so I could download the Beta 1 seed, but I can’t afford the time right now.

    I wish I could, but for the moment, my deadline is driving me.

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  • 04/05/19--06:30: Re: AAM audience on Youtuube
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    florentn94074267  wrote


    in the last specs I mention, I could 8 GB of RAM so that should handle nicely the 42 Mpix raw pictures, no ?



    Lightroom rarely needs more than 8GB of RAM. The usual source of slowness with 42MP images is CPU speed.